Mila J – “June 2018” Ep zip download



Mila J – “June 2018” Free zip download 2018

The latest in Mila’s prolific series of EPs.
Mila J has been quietly releasing a project a month since the top of the year. In a characteristically punctual fashion, the L.A. R&B singer has shared the 6th installment in her ongoing series, named after the month it was recorded in, “June 2018” Ep zip download.

Mila J June 2018 Ep zip download

Mila J June 2018 Ep zip download

It features 5 new tracks with one guest appearance from Migh-X. As with the other projects, it contains a mix of restrained slow jams and traditionally-oriented songwriting that nods to the genre’s 90s heyday. The songs also have a confessional quality to them, but are considerably more optimistic than the early heartbreaking work found on January 2018, meaning the releases have tracked a tangent that’s warmed with the seasons.

Mila J “June 2018” Ep zip download

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