Tunji Ige – “Roll Out” mp3 download



Tunji Ige – “Roll Out” Free mp3 download 2018

Check out Tunji Ige’s new release “Roll Out.
In celebration of his 23rd birthday this past weekend, Tunji Ige decided to come through and share a new song for fans called “Roll Out” mp3 download.

Tunji Ige Roll Out mp3 download

Tunji Ige Roll Out mp3 download

Tunji had the following message the other day, explaining his past year and what’s to come: “Looking back on the past year I don’t regret a thing I took time to develop my sound, my biz and my life with out being a slave to perception or social influence,” Tunji said on IG. “Cut ties with people whom I no longer got anything thing against and learned the music industry the hard way through trial and error.

Only gives me more to write about and develop. I legit can do anything I want to do and I know it at this age exactly where I’m gonna take it. I want to thank all my fans and friends loved ones for motivating me and checking in, when I knew 22 was going to be a reflection and reset from the madness and now I’m ready to free this energy in my art into the world—new chapters, new auras, new meridians, new vibes.

Tunji Ige – “Roll Out” mp3 download.

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