Zoey Dollaz – “Sorry Not Sorry” Mixtape zip download



Zoey Dollaz – “Sorry Not Sorry” Free zip download 2018

Zoey Dollaz continues to rep his Creole roots.
Miami is really the epicentre for Haitian life in the United States given its front-door location. You’d never fault an artist for speaking from the heart, and if that meant finding roots, all the better. Miami’s Zoey Dollaz discovered hip hop upon arrival, during what is presumed to be golden age for rap.

Zoey Dollaz Sorry Not Sorry Mixtape zip download

Zoey Dollaz Sorry Not Sorry Mixtape zip download

The difference between him and his contemporaries is the basics of melody imparted at a young age, something he flexes quite regularly.

His latest mixtape Sorry Not Sorry really captures the essence of life in Miami, not the club life we see on video, but the clandestine hangouts you need a handshake to enter. “Sorry Not Sorry” Mixtape zip download covers a lot of ground. We’re talking about songs that touch on the celebration of human life, good living, “dance” culture, sometimes within the same breadth of experience. He even enlists Ty Dolla and Moneybagg Yo in roles befitting of their presence.

Zoey Dollaz “Sorry Not Sorry” Mixtape zip download.

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